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Open Frame Solenoid

/12Mm Dc Pull Push Open Frame Solenoid

12Mm Dc Pull Push Open Frame Solenoid

Open frame style, open coil form, built-in mounting board, push pull type DC electromagnet. Used widely in banking ATM, vending machines, electronic appliances, embroidery machines, intelligent lock, juice bread maker, textile machines, cash register or other automatic control devices.

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Product Details

An open-frame design ensures the solenoid is light yet robust, designed for long service life and maintenance-free operation, providing excellent performance at a low cost.

Single shaft open frame solenoids provide either a push force or a pull force in a single direction only; double shaft solenoids offer push and pull functionality depending upon how coupled equipment is connected.

Product Description

Brand Landa Product Name open frame push pull solenoid
Model  SQ0421 Rated Voltage DC 5v 6v 12v
Power  7.4w Force  0-3N
Stroke  0-3mm Duty Cycle  10%
Cable Length 200mm Material Metal, Electronic Parts
Action Form Push pull type Weight(N.W.)  0.018kg
Install Style Screw Thread Size & Deepth(mm)  M2,2
Hi-Pot Test AC 600V 50/60Hz 2s Insulation Class B
Packaging Details
Body Size  20*12.1*11(mm) Carton Box Size(Standard) 350*310*180(mm), accepted custom

Product Feature

1. Push-pull type, linear motion, plunger spring reset, DC solenoid electromagnet.

2. DC Solenoid electromagnets are mainly used in vending machines, transportation equipment, office equipment, household appliances, machinery, etc.

3. The solenoid works externally by pushing and pulling the plunger, and when energized, it works by pushing and pulling the plunger to connect the object.

4. Open frame structure with mounting holes, accepted custom as you needed.

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