Advantages and applications of DC Solenoids
Mar 08 , 2022
DC solenoids are different according to the different flow of electricity into them, and today we will explain mainly about DC solenoids. Ordinary DC solenoid as long as a winding, mini volume, small force, low operating frequency, and easy to control.
First of all, we have to go to understand how the DC solenoid saves energy?

Just turn on the power and armature has not yet acted in the blink of an eye, the electromagnetic force required by the solenoid is the largest, and the coil winding energised at the same time, so that the dynamic core drives the top cap axial movement, to the load objects, after the suction electromagnetism only hold a very small force to work, so the coil winding automatically power off, only save the coil winding work, because of the high-power start, small power to adhere to do the purpose of power saving. Due to the short starting time, the starting winding current density can choose a larger value, making the solenoid volume to do smaller, to play the purpose of saving materials.
And then, DC solenoids have more advantages than this.

1, As for DC, the control is relatively good, the magnetic field of the solenoids can be reached after the power on and released after power off.

2, As for strength, can be adjusted by the current and coils, and not a single, widely used.

3, DC solenoids can be accessed through the direction of the current to change the direction of the magnetic poles.
DC solenoids are a perfect product with control, In some micro-control area, it has a good performance for control methods chose. In some automation producing, many companies have a good position on the application of DC solenoids.
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