Advantages of our electromagnet
Nov 26 , 2021

An electromagnet is actually a device that can generate electromagnetism by energizing it. The manufacturing method of this device is relatively simple. It only needs to wind a conductive winding that can match its power on the outside of the iron core. This kind of current-carrying coil will produce a magnet-like coil. Magnetism, so made is called an electromagnet. What are the advantages of electromagnets?

Advantages of electromagnet
1. The magnetism of the waterproof electromagnet is generated by energization, so the magnetism of the electromagnet can be effectively controlled by the on and off of the current. When the current is turned off, the magnetism of the electromagnet will disappear immediately, and when the electricity is turned on, the magnetism of the electromagnet will be generated immediately.

2. The magnetic size of the electromagnet is also controlled by the current. When the intensity of the current flowing is greater, the magnetism of the electromagnet is also greater. On the contrary, when the strength of the current flowing is weaker, the magnetism of the electromagnet is also Then it becomes smaller. In addition, the size of the electromagnet's magnetism can also be controlled by the number of turns of the coil. The more the number of turns, the greater the magnetism and the fewer the number of turns. The less magnetic. So it is very convenient for the magnetic control of the electromagnet.

3. Since the electromagnet is magnetic, it must be divided into magnetic poles. The magnetic pole of the electromagnet can be controlled by changing the direction of the current, which is very practical in use.

4. The electromagnet is made by adding a piece of iron rod in the coil. The iron rod is not magnetic, but when the iron rod is magnetized, it will produce magnetism. In the electromagnet, the magnetic field generated by the iron rod itself, plus the magnetic field in the original coil, will greatly increase the total magnetic field strength. Thereby the magnetic strength of the electromagnet is greatly improved.

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