How to Maintain the Solenoids?
Oct 26 , 2021

The solenoid valve is a gatekeeper of circuit safety. In the process of use, the correct operation and maintenance will affect the service life of the solenoid valve.

The user should also pay attention to the working conditions of the solenoid valve product when actually using it. Some solenoid valve products have a wide range of applications and strong performance, while some solenoid valve products have poor adaptability and performance. Therefore, the correct model selection will also affect the life of the solenoid valve product.

Methods of maintaining Solenoids

Concerning the upkeep of solenoids, there are various factors should notice. The movable a part of solenoid brake should put lubricant routinely and view the armature stroke length routinely. Simply because within the running procedure of the brake, the armature’s stroke length increases because of the wear in the section moving work surface. When the armature stroke length fails to make it to the regular value, it needs to be tweaked to revive the bare minimum gap between the braking work surface and also the rotary table. If the length of the armature stroke is higher than the regular value,the suction power might be cut down tremendously. When the used brake work surface is replaced, the bare minimum clearance between the braking work surface and also the turntable must be tweaked correctly. Make sure bolts for tightness, specifically solenoid bolts, solenoid and property bolts, magnet yoke bolts, solenoid coil bolts, and relationship bolts. On a regular basis look into the technical wear in the moving parts and take off dust particles, bristles, and grime in the top of the solenoid parts.

1. It is recommended that the user unit appoint a person to be responsible for use and maintenance.
2. The dirt on the inside and outside of the valve and the suction surface of the armature should be cleaned regularly, taking care not to damage the sealing surface.
3. When the solenoid valve is not used for a long time, the manual valve in front of the valve should be closed, the dirt in the cleaning valve should be disassembled, and the dirt in the cleaning valve should be disassembled. Enter the medium for several trials, and then it can be put into formal use after confirming that it is normal.
4. When working, pay attention to the pressure gauge before and after the valve. The working pressure must not exceed the rated pressure, and the working pressure difference must be within the rated pressure difference range. When the working pressure exceeds the rated pressure or the working pressure difference exceeds the rated pressure difference, the solenoid valve should be stopped and the front and rear manual valves should be closed to prevent damage and leakage of the solenoid valve.

Some details that need to be paid attention to in the process of using the solenoid valve

1. Inconsistent with the selection: If a normally closed solenoid valve is used as normally open, the coil will easily burn out if it is energized for a long time. If the industrial and mining requirements need to be ordered, please choose a coil that can be energized for a long time
2. Changes in the medium during use
3. The oil of the air compressor is oxidized to produce carbon particles, tar and other sundries, which are mixed into the pipeline
4. Rust in the pipe and impurities such as dust and dirt in the pipe

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