Solenoid lock makes the locker safer and more convenient
Aug 16 , 2021

In our lives, the utilization rate of lockers is very high, as common as vending machines. Especially in our supermarkets, communities or campuses, we often see rows of lockers or express cabinets. With the rapid development of technology, locker locks have gradually begun to use Bluetooth, face recognition, fingerprints and other technologies to replace traditional keys to realize networked management and bring safer and more convenient storage life to everyone. Solenoid lock is one of them.

The solenoid lock is an important part of the smart locker and is used to control the opening of the locker grid. The working mode of the solenoid lock is that it is not energized when it is locked, and the door is open after it is energized.

Solenoid locks are now widely used in storage cabinets and express cabinets in communities, railway stations, supermarkets and other places to provide a safe, convenient and comfortable life for everyone. Landa Solenoid locks made of high quality pure carbon steel, electrophoretic paint surface treatment, corrosion resistance. More than 500 thousand times under rated working conditions.

In the future, Landa will combine the needs of different application scenarios, continuously improve the safety level of electromagnetic locks, optimize electromagnetic lock functions, and bring you more intelligent reminders, safe and comfortable lockers!

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