The application of Landa Solenoid
Jun 09 , 2022

Solenoid and electromagnet have widely application. 14 years of production for solenoids and electromagnet, we have lots of happy clients, various projects, in this article we’re share some application solution cases.

1. Solenoid for household appliances

solenoid for Dossier, solenoid for toaster, solenoid for coffee machine, solenoid for pressure rice cooker, solenoid for washing machine, solenoid for air conditioner, solenoid for dishwasher, solenoid for cupboard, solenoid for water dispenser, solenoid for microwave oven, solenoid for jukebox, solenoid for DVD optical drive CDROM, solenoid for home fragrance sprayer, etc.

solenoid for printer

2.Solenoid for Office equipments

printer solenoid, punch clock solenoid, copier solenoid, fax machine solenoid, scanner solenoid, binding machine solenoid, artwork cutter solenoid, computer chassis control lock solenoid, inkjet machine solenoid, shredder solenoid, clothing engraving instrument solenoid, clothing airbrush solenoid, lettering machine solenoid, engraving machine solenoid, etc.

3.Solenoid for fitness equipments

massage chair solenoid, massage cushion solenoid, massage bed solenoid, leg machine solenoid, air cushion bed solenoid, massage bar solenoid, shoulder massager solenoid, massage undershirt solenoid, cross massager solenoid, head massager solenoid, face massager electric solenoid, foot massager solenoid, etc.

4.Solenoid for financial equipments

cash machine solenoid, ATM machine solenoid, money counting machine solenoid, money detector solenoid, money changer solenoid, vending machine coin acceptor solenoid, cash register solenoid, money box solenoid, etc.

5.Electromagnet for security equipments

monitoring lens filter electromagnet, shopping mall storage locker electromagnet, access control electromagnet, electronic door lock, locker electromagnet, fire door electromagnet, security equipment electromagnet, combination lock electromagnet, safe electromagnet, parking garage fall arrestor, pendant hook fall arrestor, fingerprint lock electromagnet, etc.

lifting electromagnet for robot arms

6.Solenoid for textile machinery

jacquard machine solenoid, knitting machine solenoid, embroidery machine solenoid, woolen machine solenoid, sewing machine solenoid, robotic suction cup solenoid, copper tape machine solenoid, needle selector solenoid, etc.

7.Automotive solenoid

automobile headlight solenoid, automobile shifter solenoid, automobile brake solenoid, automobile transmission solenoid, automobile headlight solenoid, automobile telescopic light solenoid, automobile transmission lock bottom solenoid, automobile back box lock solenoid, automobile CDC shock absorber solenoid, shock absorber CDC damping valve, etc.

8.Game machine/toys solenoid

body sense game gun solenoid / bullet machine solenoid, game machine coin acceptor solenoid, money box solenoid, chaff digger solenoid, toy piano solenoid, pinball table solenoid doll game machine solenoid, etc.

9.Public facilities solenoid

vending machine solenoid, elevator brake solenoid, vending machine solenoid, card reader solenoid, door gate solenoid, public place fragrance spraying machine solenoid, blind light solenoid, sewage treatment metering pump solenoid, battery car charging pile electric suction iron, bus window breaker solenoid, bus window breaker solenoid, bus money box solenoid, etc.

10. Communication/Industrial control/Automation equipment solenoid

marine sensing and detection, electric suction iron for cell phone, leakage protection switch solenoid, solenoidic pilot valve, mining solenoidic pilot valve, electro-hydraulic bracket solenoid valve, etc.

11.Machinery equipment solenoid

vending machine solenoid, automatic rice selling machine solenoid, automatic assembly line solenoid, feeder solenoid, terminal machine solenoid, capacitor foot cutting machine solenoid, copper tape machine solenoid, jewelry wax injection machine solenoid, etc.

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