The difference between solenoids and motors
May 23 , 2022

In some requests from our inquiry, our clients projects wants to motors, but their send the needs to ask our if there solenoids in stock. In this article, we will compare the solenoids and motors.

DifferenceS in principle

push pull solenoids

1. Solenoids is a relative of motors

Motor means the general name of the special device to get power. And contains a wide range of power other than electromagnetism, such as steam engines, internal combustion engines, water power, biological energy, etc. The range cannot be simply summarized. Therefore, it generally means a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Among them, the device that uses electromagnetic energy is the most extensive meaning of motor, we say the motor also mostly refers to the device that uses electromagnetic energy. However, ultrasonic motors, electrostatic motors, and other devices that use electromagnetic energy have also begun to be widely used in all walks of life.

Solenoids is a device that converts electromagnetic energy into mechanical motion, so the classification is a kind of motor.

2.Drive solenoids is simpler

There are various types of motors, but in order to keep rotating, some kind of device must be designed to drive them. For example, DC motors use mechanical means to energize the coil to convert the kinetic energy, or use the semiconductor switch in the control device to switch the kinetic energy, etc.

Solenoids can move as long as the coil is energized, and there is no need for a coil current conversion mechanism. Special control devices such as special drivers for motors are not required.


Difference in motion

(1) the rotary motion of the motor is an endless continuous rotation, the solenoids is a limited range of rotation.

(2) Most of the general electromagnetic motor to have a rotary motion device.

(3) The motor with linear motion device is called linear motor, which is a special state.

(4) Solenoids have rotating type and direct-acting type, but many are direct-acting type with continuous linear back and forth motion.

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