The factors of electromagnet and solenoid force
May 27 , 2022

The magnetic force size of the electromagnet is related to what factors, Landa as a manufacturer of electromagnets for more than ten years, summarized the following six points, with the volume of the electromagnet, power, stroke, materials, design structure, production process, these aspects, then how to improve the magnetic force size under the limited conditions, is what our manufacturers have always thought the pursuit.

When it comes to the magnetic force size of electromagnets, magnetic force can be divided into many categories, such as the suction force of the suction cup electromagnet, push-pull solenoid push-pull force, rotating torque of the rotating solenoid, slapping force of the slapping solenoid, holding force of the holding electromagnet, etc. These are the magnetic force size of electromagnets.

So what factors are related to the size of the magnetism of the electromagnet, which can be roughly divided into the following factors.

Dc holding electromagnet volume size related, the larger the volume, the larger the magnetic area, the greater the magnetic force generated. In addition, the size of the holding electromagnet power related, the same volume, the greater the power to do, the greater the magnetic force.

Push-pull solenoid travel related, such as mini frame solenoid and push pull tubular solenoid, the farther apart, the smaller the magnetic force, and vice versa, the greater. Similarly, the larger the stroke of the push-pull solenoid, the larger the stroke of the solenoid, the smaller the magnetic force.

mini frame solenoid

Electromagnet material, the same volume, power, stroke, the choice of materials with good magnetic conductivity, then the magnetic force will be greater.

The design structure of the electromagnet is related to the same volume, power, stroke, and material, how to optimize the design of the product, such as the tolerance fit, the size of the gap, etc., can also improve the magnetic force of the electromagnet.

The production process of the electromagnet is related to the same material, the same volume parameters, etc., then the process is different, the performance is also different, such as the flatness of the winding, such as the strength of the riveted seal, etc. A good process can enhance the magnetic power of the product.

Above, are some of the factors that determine the size of the magnetism of the electromagnet, so than there are often some customers, take some of the peer products to others are produced as usual, the same gap, which is not noticed in these areas, experienced manufacturers may also be able to improve on the basis of the sample.

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