The specifications of dc solenoid
Jun 14 , 2022

Dc solenoid is widely used for electrical components, usually, dc open frame solenoid have two types, one is push type, and other is pull type. Dc open frame solenoid emits an electromagnetic field through a copper wire to draw in a magnetic movement iron core.

When current flows through the wire, the core is attracted to a fixed iron core inside the wire, continuously drawing in space within the current. When the current is cut off, the attraction stops. (Depending on the model, there may be some residual magnetism)

There are many varieties, such as dc push-pull solenoids that work in this way, solenoids equipped with pushers that use an attractive force to apply pressure using embedded permanent magnets, and self-retaining electromagnets to maintain various states of motion.

dc mini solenoid 12v

The components of the dc solenoid

1. Plunger

This is the driving part of a dc solenoid. When the magnetic field is fired, it is pulled toward the fixed iron core.

2.Outer Frame

The outer frame of the solenoid body, with mounting threaded holes made in most solenoids outer frames.

3. Coil

This is the main part of the solenoids that emits the magnetic field when current flows through it. The spool, wires, leads and external tape together are called the coil. Some coils have thermal fuses or diodes inside.

4. Fixed core

When a magnetic field is emitted from a coil, it attracts a movable core along the magnetic flux. The shape and attraction characteristics of the movable and fixed cores are closely related.

dc mini solenoid 12v

Characteristics of dc solenoids

Dc solenoids of highly adaptable

By changing the shape of the iron core, the distance and power of the attractor can be changed.

Dc solenoids of safety

Even if the plunger stops, the voltage will not change, making it safe.

Dc solenoids is simple

There is no input current, so setting the power supply is easy.

Dc solenoids is quiet

Unlike AC solenoids, the design is low noise and does not generate noise.

DC solenoids is economical

Solenoids have low power consumption and low price compared to motors.

In usual, there’re the three main types of DC solenoids.

Pull type dc solenoids: A pull solenoid is an electronic component that moves an iron core by the magnetic flux generated when current is run through a coil. When current is applied to the coil, the movable plunger is drawn into the coil.

Push type dc solenoids: By assembling the push rod to the plunger, the push solenoid extends the push rod instead of retracting it.

Permanent magnet self-retaining solenoid: The self-retaining solenoid has a built-in permanent magnet that holds the plunger in the external position even when no power is applied. In Landa, we called it keep solenoids.

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