What are the characteristics of the cabinet solenoid lock?
Jun 20 , 2022

Intelligent courier cabinet solenoid lock has basically popularized the daily life, courier cabinet solenoid lock as one of the important components, whats the characteristics need our to know about it?

The development of intelligent courier cabinet solenoid lock

solenoid lock

Currently, the intelligent courier cabinet solenoid lock is stain-steel material, but in the early time, the shell is plastic, and the plastic material of shell is popular in terms of 2012-2016. Because of the applications, the materials of the courier cabinet solenoid lock is also upgraded, and now the stain-steel main materials in production of cabinet solenoid lock.

Form below of these drawings, let us learn more details of the cabinet solenoid lock.

1.From this cabinet solenoid lock drawing, the state is not energized, and the solenoid lock is locking state.

solenoid lock

2. Then the solenoid lock opened when the cabinet solenoid lock is energized.

solenoid lock

3. Intelligent courier cabinet solenoid lock operation

solenoid lock

4. The cabinet solenoid lock operating structure principle is basically the same, the size of the shape, the force of different, used in different places, then it needs a different dimension of solenoids.

solenoid lock

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5. This cabinet solenoid lock is applicable to various industries cabinet lock, locker, letter box, deposit box, logistics cabinet, file cabinet, meter box, vending machine, cell phone cabinet, shoe cabinet and other centralized control box cabinet, etc.

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