What is push-pull electromagnet?
Dec 08 , 2021

When it comes to electromagnets, everyone is no stranger, and more and more people have a preliminary understanding of it. With the continuous innovation of the electromagnet industry, push-pull electromagnets have gradually appeared. So what are the working principles of push-pull electromagnets and what applications does it have in our lives? Let's get to know it together next.

The function of the push-pull electromagnet is actually determined by the number of turns of the coil. The coil, the moving iron core, and the static iron core power controller and other accessories form the push-pull electromagnet. Moreover, it uses the principle of magnetic flux leakage of the spiral tube, the structure is firm, and the electromagnet moving iron core and the static iron core are used for long-distance attraction, that is, the stroke (40mm---60mm) or more, so as to complete the linear reciprocating movement of the drawbar. What it chooses is the principle of power supply plus electronic control change, high-power start, and low-power maintenance.

Experts in the past called this structure a linear push-pull, and the role of the magnet is to generate magnetism through current, sum up different magnetic coils, plus a power supply to control the size of the magnetism, push-pull electromagnets are relatively small,and easy to install in small places. The push-pull electromagnet is based on the principle of electromagnetic and oil power to control its action and power.

So why is it called a push-pull electromagnet? The main reason is a structural problem of the electromagnet. The push-pull principle, its structure is to form a push and pull action through the magnetic core of the magnet and the electromagnetic coil.

Now everyone should have a general understanding of the working principle of push-pull electromagnets! In fact, it has many applications in our lives. It is widely used in various fields such as electronics, electrical, automatic machinery, and intelligent control equipment. Push-pull electromagnets specifically include car light switches, electronic toy box switches, paper shredders, USB card readers, coin acceptors, electronic clocks, induction cookers, rice cookers, cash registers, automatic knitting machines, water dispensers, Electric drill, massage equipment, etc.

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