What is the difference between electromagnet and solenoid
Nov 04 , 2021

Electromagnet: A device that is energized to generate electromagnetism. A conductive winding that matches its power is wound on the outside of the iron core. This current-carrying coil is magnetic like a magnet. It is also called an electromagnet solenoids. It is usually made into a bar or hoof shape to make the core easier to magnetize. In addition, in order to make the electromagnet demagnetize immediately after power off, it is made of soft iron or silicon steel material with faster demagnetization. Such electromagnets are magnetic when energized, and disappear when the power is turned off. The middle iron core reciprocates with the magnetism and the spring, and then realizes a function.

The electromagnet is widely used in our daily life, and the power of the generator has been greatly improved due to its invention.
There are many applications of electromagnets in practice. The most direct application is the electromagnetic crane. The electromagnet is installed on the crane. After power-on, a large amount of steel is sucked up. After moving to another position, the current is cut off and the steel is put down. Large electromagnetic cranes can lift several tons of steel at a time.

A solenoid is a coil wound on a skeleton. After being energized, there is a magnetic field, which can be induced and can also pull the iron core in the middle. Now there are hollow coils, which are wound with self-adhesive enameled wire and do not require a skeleton. It is also a type of solenoid. The solenoid cannot complete a functional action alone, and requires the cooperation of other media. In engineering, solenoids are also referred to as transducers that convert energy into linear motion.

To sum up, the difference between an electromagnet and a solenoid is that an electromagnet is a solenoid with an auxiliary shell core. An electromagnet is an extension of a solenoid.

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