What is the technical principle and difference between electric mortise lock and magnetic lock
Nov 17 , 2021

With the improvement of people’s security awareness, the requirements for access control electric locks are getting higher and higher, and various electric locks are also emerging in an endless stream. At present, the most common ones are electric bolt locks and magnetic locks. Due to the close cooperation of the two electric locks, the access control system In order to better perform the work.

Although the two electric locks cooperate to provide good execution; however, there are still differences between them. Electric mortise lock is a kind of electronically controlled lock, which drives the extension or retraction of the "bolt" through the on and off of the current to achieve the function of locking or opening the door. Of course, the realization of the function of closing the door and opening needs to cooperate with the "magnet" to realize it.

Generally, an electric bolt lock is composed of two main parts: a lock body and a keyhole. The key element of the lock body is the "lock tongue", which cooperates with the "hole" to realize the two states of "closed" and "opened". That is, the lock tongue is inserted into the lock hole to close the door, and the lock tongue leaves the lock hole to open the door. It is precisely because of the retractable function of the bolt that this feature of the electric mortise lock is also very suitable on various swing doors (secret opening). At the same time, its "concealed" installation is more suitable for places where the lock body is required to be kept secret.

Magnetic lock, the lock body produces huge magnetic force after power on. Any iron object will be attracted when it comes close. Moreover, the size of the magnetic force is also related to the contact area. The larger the force area of the iron object, the more sufficient the suction force is. The more difficult it is to pull apart. Magnetic force transforms electricity into magnetic force. Magnetic force itself is a force, so the force also has the size. The size of the magnetic force can be designed according to the needs. Therefore, the magnetic lock has a strong limit on the setting. There are 60kg magnetic locks,180kg magnetic locks, 280kg magnetic lock, and 500kg magnetic lock, etc.

The design of the magnetic lock is the same as the electromagnet. It uses the principle of electromagnetism. When the electric current passes, the magnetic lock will produce a strong magnetic attraction and tightly adsorb the iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door. Since the magnetic lock does not have a complicated mechanical mechanism, it is more suitable for use in the access control of the escape channel access control.

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