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Custom Dc 12v 24v Circular Electromagnet

This is our newly designed new product in 2020. It is suitable for multiple industries and provides customized shapes and energized release circular electromagnets.

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Product Details
Product Description

Brand Landa Product Name circular electromagnet
Model  HY7070 Rated Voltage DC 24v
Power  16w Force  450N
Waterproof Class  IP65 Duty Cycle  50%
Cable Length 200mm Material Metal, Electronic Parts
Action Form Holding type Weight(N.W.)  0.35kg
Install Style Screw Thread Size & Deepth(mm)  M5,10
Hi-Pot Test AC 600V 50/60Hz 2s Insulation Class B
Packaging Details
Body Size  D70*H70(mm) Carton Box Size(Standard) 350*310*180(mm), accepted custom

Product Feature

circular holding electromagnet

1.Holding type, round shape, mini size, IP65 waterproof, DC solenoid electromagnet.

2.The electromagnet need to be energised to develop suction force, widely used for holding of ferromagnetic workpieces during machining or assembly, safety mechanisms, selector devices in textiles machinery, door latching holdback devices and etc.

3.Energised-on-holding, and release deenergised. We also offer an optional spring loaded ejector pin to overcome residual magnetism, as well as optional armature plates as a magnetic counterpart for optimum performance.

4.Also offer custom shape and energise to release circular electromagnet

Detailed Images

Circular Electromagnet
Mini Electromagnet
Custom Electromagnet
12v Electromagnet
Dc Electromagnet

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.