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DC 24v 50Kg Wall Mounted Magnetic Door Stop

Our latest research and development design of electromagnetic door stopper, high-intensity impact load test, safe and reliable, suitable for glass doors, fire doors, office doors and other source manufacturers, accept OEM/ODM

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Product Details

Product Description

wall mounted magnetic door stopper

1. Newest design and development of electromagnetic door suction
2. High-intensity crash load testing, safe and reliable, suitable for glass door, fireproof door, office door, etc.
3. The standard voltage is DC 24V when Finished, DC 12V is also optional.
4. The rated power is 2W, energy saving but strong suction capacity between 45KG and 80KG  
5. ISO, CE, RHoS certification
6. Source manufacturer, OEM/ODM is accepted.
magnetic door stop bunnings
door stopper magnet

Product features

There is a red button at the top, can be used in emergency situations.

Micro signal indicators show the door suction status

Anti-residual magnetism designed, in the middle of electromagnetic door suction,

spring-loaded thimble will push the suction plate while power is turn off.

Durable and easy to install

Durable steel construction, anti-oxidant housing, copper wound coils, Epoxy filled, IP65 waterproof class

High temperature resistance lead wire and copper wire, efficient conductivity,

outlet can be customized

Screw type, easy to install on the mounting plate.

adoored door stop

OEM/ODM Is Welcome

11 years of designing and producing experienceCE, ROHS,

ISO9001 certification

Good quality, best service, competitive price

Warmly welcome your visit to our factory

fire door door stop
glass door stop

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