Electromagnets in Access Control
Aug 16 , 2021

Electromagnet on automatic doors

Access to hotels, neighborhoods, office buildings and other high-end places, a card can be swiped into the self-locking, we may have experienced, but how to achieve the function of self-locking this is the function of our production of electromagnets generated.

Access solenoid is commonly known as magnetic lock or electromagnetic lock, its design and electromagnetism, the same principle of using electricity to generate magnetism, when the current through the coil to generate a magnetic field magnetized yoke iron, magnetic lock will produce a strong adsorption force, which adsorbs the iron plate. This is a complete locking process.

Electromagnets on the Smart display cabinet

More and more exhibitors use more technological sense of intelligent display cabinets, through the password or fingerprint and portrait mode unlocking, to achieve high security and high-end display cabinets, and the realization of this function, electromagnet generated by the function can not be replaced.

The use of suction cup electromagnet using magnetic lock is no mechanical wear and tear, to overcome the general mechanical lock and electronic lock defects, long service life. The power supply is 12/24 volt double DC voltage inlet. Can realize intelligent control.

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