Gathering strength and building dreams - 2021 Landa Solenoid Qingyuan Tour
Jan 04 , 2022
In order to reward all employees for their hard work for the development of the company, relieve the pressure of work, enhance team cohesion and enrich the collective business life of employees, Landa solenoid company organized an annual tour for all employees from December 6 to 7. On the morning of December 6, we boarded the tour bus to Qingyuan with a joyful mood and started our trip.

In the early morning and bustling sunshine, along the road beautiful scenery, the bus is full of laughter, two and a half hours drive, but in this cheerful atmosphere less some long wait. After a sumptuous lunch, we came to the first stop of the trip.

landa solenoid qingyuan tour

landa solenoid qingyuan tour

Qingyuan Gulongxia Scenic Area

With the trickling streams and splashing waterfalls topped with rainbows, colleagues enjoyed the emerald green forest along the trail, and the vapor mixed with the unique aroma of this forest was refreshing and relaxing for everyone. Colleagues enjoyed chatting and recording all the wonderful moments with their cell phones.

landa solenoid qingyuan tour

photos of landa solenoid qingyuan tour

Along with the beautiful scenery along the road, we hoofed it to the many Netflix hit spots - the Gulong Gorge Glass Suspension Bridge & Cloudy Sky Glass Bar, hanging from the top of the hundreds of meters of mountains, above the waterfall, the wall out of the sky, stepping on the 1314-meter-long glass suspension bridge and the world's largest area of glass platform, like the abyss, thrilling but There is no danger. It's magnificent!

photos of landa solenoid qingyuan tour

photos of landa solenoid qingyuan tour

Check in to the hotel

At 18:00 in the evening, we checked into the Merrill International Hotel in the central city of Qingyuan, while the company also prepared more entertainment activities for colleagues.

landa solenoid qingyuan tour-Merrill International Hotel

Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area

The next day, after breakfast at the hotel, we took a bus to the Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area

landa solenoid qingyuan tour second stop-Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area

In the Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area, we climbed together to enjoy the beautiful primitive natural scenery around us, experienced the winter rafting of the air glass stack, the Netflix swing bridge, and carried out joyful and fun team competition activities. The joyful atmosphere surrounded every member, and we all took pictures with each other, enjoying the joy and relaxation immensely.

landa solenoid qingyuan tour-play games in Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area

Happy time always passes quickly!
Under the careful arrangement of the administration department of the company
We will be parting time
We chose the Beijiang River in Qingyuan, which is known as the "Little Three Gorges".
After a sumptuous lunch on the boat in Beijiang River
After a sumptuous lunch on the cruise ship in Beijiang River, we also set anchor and departed ......

landa solenoid qingyuan tour three stop-Beijiang River

Away from the hustle and bustle
The sound of gurgling water
The mountains on both sides of the river
Fishing for leisure people

landa solenoid qingyuan tour three stop-Beijiang River

On the observation deck at the stern of the boat
Colleagues all take out their cell phones
Choose a beautiful spot among the blue sky, green mountains and blue water
Take photos to your heart's content
Colleagues laughed and snapped a picture with their hands
No need to compose a colorful landscape painting

Walked a lot of roads
Seen a lot of beautiful scenery
In this big family of Landa
I am grateful to meet this group of lovely people
We have experienced a lot of things together
We will grow together
Achievement of each other

The sky is clear, the river breeze is cool, the water is moving and the mountain is quiet
The bow is splitting the waves, the stern is crossing the fish, the drums are boiling in Shengjing Landa
In the evening, the staff returned to the company collectively by car. During the two-day and one-night joyful trip, colleagues relaxed their body and mind, relieved the pressure brought by work and life, increased the vitality of the team and enhanced the emotion among colleagues. After this trip, I believe that colleagues from various positions will put more enthusiasm into their future work, sail forward together with the company and contribute their strength to the company's prosperous development!
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