Push pull solenoid in the application of automotive central door lock
Dec 31 , 2021

Car central door lock as is very familiar with us, from the previous mechanical door to the current electronic door, with the development of science and technology progress, the degree of intelligence is getting higher and higher, but as the most inconspicuous parts inside is also the most important analysis of the actuator that push pull solenoid plays a very important role.

As a solenoid manufacturer, in order to understand more clearly the push pull solenoid in the central control door if the work, now do the relevant analysis.

The basic structure of the car central door lock is composed of two parts: the control part and the actuator.

1, the control part: there are encoder, input devices, storage devices, discriminator, driver, anti-interference circuit, display, alarm, insurance device and power supply and other parts.

2、The actuator is generally controlled by push pull solenoid or micro motor.

The working principle of the automotive control door lock: push pull solenoid is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and use the motor to drive the gear to open and close the door. The basic composition mainly consists of door lock switch, door lock actuator, and door lock controller.

  (1) Door lock switch: Most of the car control door lock push pull solenoid switch consists of a master switch and a sub-switch, the master switch is installed on the door next to the driver, the master switch can lock or open all the doors of the car; sub-switch is installed on each other door, can control a door alone.

  (2) door lock actuator: car control door lock push pull solenoid actuator is controlled by the door lock controller to perform the task of locking and opening the door lock. Mainly electromagnetic, DC motor type and permanent magnet motor type three structures.

  (3) Door lock controller: The control device that provides lock/open pulse current for the door lock actuator has the function of controlling the direction of the actuator energizing current, and also has the function of timing in order to shorten the working time. According to its control principle, it can be broadly divided into: transistor type, capacitor type and speed-sensing type 3 kinds.

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