Push Pull Solenoid Selection Attention
Jan 04 , 2022
Push pull solenoid is a non-standard product, the coil parameters are not unique, you need to select the reasonable specifications/coil parameters according to the specific requirements of the user, and finally choose the most suitable for the customer requirements of the solenoids, if the coil parameters do not match the actual use of the user, it is easy to cause abnormal coil heating (overheating), resulting in high temperature burned coil.

Selection of push pull solenoids need to clarify the following relevant information.

1. What are the requirements/restrictions on the size of the push pull solenoid?

Because the size will directly affect the solenoid travel / push-pull force, the larger the volume, the greater the travel force can be demonstrated. The larger the volume, the greater the travel force that can be exhibited. There is a box type structure and a tube type structure.

mini Push Pull Solenoid

2. What is the actual energizing rate of the push pull solenoid?
If the energization rate is irregular, then you need to explain clearly the use of the process of energization and disconnection to the manufacturer's judgment. The technician will design the maximum power that the solenoid coil can do according to the actual use of the energization rate, so that the maximum performance of the stroke force. The smaller the energization rate, the greater the power that the coil can match, the greater the strength of the electromagnet action.
The premise of safe use is: the actual use of the energizing rate to ≤ the coil design energizing rate.
(Note: The energizing rate (ED) is the proportion of the energizing time and the stopping time as a cycle, and the energizing time in this cycle. The energization rate can be calculated by the following formula.
Energization rate (ED) % = (energization time) / (energization time + stop time) × 100%

Example: 1 second of power on, 9 seconds of power off cycle, then the rate of power on = 1/(1 + 9) * 100% = 10%

Push Pull Solenoid

If the actual use of the energizing rate > coil design energizing rate, it will cause the coil temperature to rise to exceed the limit temperature of the insulation type, reducing the life of the coil, and in serious cases will lead to the coil is burned.

3. What is the required stroke?

The moving core of the push pull solenoid is movable, and the moving core moves to the inside of the solenoid in the process of changing the stroke from large to small, and the process of attracting the moving core is externally expressed as a pulling action, and if it is to be expressed as a pushing action, then the connecting rod attached to the moving core extends from the other end, and the action process is outwardly extended, called a push rod, which can push the load/switch and other structures.

4. What is the required force (travel force F) for the corresponding stroke?

Because the force corresponding to the process of stroke change is variable, so the force should be combined with the corresponding stroke, the larger the stroke, the smaller the corresponding force, and vice versa, the smaller the stroke, the larger the corresponding force.

5. The necessary structure of the push pull solenoid includes the magnetizing shell, coil skeleton, coil, moving iron core and fixed iron core.
Other non-essential parts include.
(1) push rod, when you need to achieve the push type, or when you need to limit the movable core stroke activity range.
(2) spring, the need for spring reset, the role of the general spring is to reset the moving core, if you need to spring to push the load, you need additional instructions, special design.
(3) terminals, silencing rubber pads and other components.

Summary: push pull solenoid design involves a variety of influencing factors, it is recommended to contact us for service communication, a comprehensive performance parameters required to facilitate the technical staff to give appropriate programs and recommendations. Finally, the drawings with the corresponding technical parameters shall prevail.
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