Solenoid in Smart Share Device
Aug 16 , 2021

Shared rechargeable solenoid

Shared rechargeable battery is a good emergency device, but did you know? Its use has a lot to do with the electromagnet.

For the shared charging treasure, the basic use of frame electromagnet type, pull and push type. When choosing a solenoid, how much voltage to use we need to have a clear determination. Choose to use DC or AC power. Electromagnet in use when the proportion of the power-on time and power-off time, what is the working stroke of the cycle? In addition the length of the electromagnet slide bar movement, here it should be noted that the farther the length, the weaker the magnetic force! The demanded push force also needs to have a reasonable speculation, usually we describe the push-pull force refers to the push-pull force when the charging treasure in the initial orientation.

In the shared equipment in, the electromagnet mainly plays a lock class switch role, when sweeping the code to use a signal induction to the electromagnet, the electromagnet work to open the insert lock, charging treasure pop out can be used, when returned, the electromagnet in the power-off state using the charging treasure external force can automatically reset the lock.

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