Textile Industry Case: Landa TU2551 Tubular Solenoid Application
Apr 12 , 2022

As the last process of spinning and the first process of weaving, Landa TU2551 tubular solenoid plays the role of a "bridge" on textile industrial. It is an important position in the textile industrial.

The function of Landa TU2551 tubular solenoid in textile industry.

The winding solenoids connects tube yarns (or stranded yarns) with less capacity to make a larger capacity tube. The capacity of one tube of the winding solenoid is equivalent to more than twenty tube yarns. Tubes are used for warping, twisting, weft winding, dyeing, wefting on shuttleless looms, and knitting yarns. The direct use of tube yarns in these processes can cause excessive downtime and affect productivity and product quality, so increasing the winding capacity is necessary to improve productivity and quality in the later processes.

tubular solenoid

There are some defects and impurities on the yarn, such as thick knots, details, double yarns, weak twist yarns and cotton knots. During winding, the yarn is inspected by a yarn clearing device to remove defects and impurities that affect the quality of the fabric, to improve the uniformity and finish of the yarn, to help reduce yarn breakage in the subsequent process, and to improve the appearance of the fabric.

It makes the most sense to remove defects and impurities from the yarn in the winding process because each tube works independently when the winding solenoid is winding, and the other tubes of the winding solenoid can continue to work unaffected while one tube is processing the breakage. The winding tension of Landa TU2551 tubular solenoid is appropriate and does not damage the original physical and mechanical properties of the yarn.

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