"To the future, start again, fight again in 2022" - Landa Solenoid 2021 year-end summary 2022 annual planning conference was successfully concluded
Jan 11 , 2022
On January 8, Zhongshan Landa Solenoid Co., Ltd. held the 2021 year-end summary 2022 annual planning conference in Zhongshan Sunshine Bali Hotel. The management of the company, the heads of the company's sales department, finance department, purchasing department, administration department, production department, quality inspection department, assembly department and other departments attended the meeting.
At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Wu, the general manager of Zhongshan Landa Solenoid Co., Ltd. made a summary of the company's work in 2021. In the summary, he mentioned that the economic situation at home and abroad was rather severe in the past year, but with the joint efforts of all Landa staff, the company still achieved excellent results, and on behalf of the company, we are very grateful for the hard work of all Landa staff in this year.
Landa solenoid company has always taken "creating value for customers and happiness for Landa people" as our mission since its establishment. We hope that we Landa people will always put this mission in our heart and implement it into our work, and continue to create more value for our customers, for our company and for ourselves. Therefore, in the first week after the new year, the company gathered everyone together to summarize the work gains and losses in the past year, plan the work plan for the coming year and make good arrangements.

Sales department (domestic business) summary and planning

At the summing up and planning meeting, firstly, the domestic business sales department made a summary of its work in 2021. At the meeting, the domestic business sales manager and colleagues made a summary of 2021 and a detailed planning of 2022 goals one by one. They each summarized the sales and performance of 2021, analyzed their own shortcomings, and said that in 2022, they should develop more new customers, enrich the channels of customer expansion, serve customers well, and promote the growth of performance, and each received the 2022 work performance target at the meeting.

Sales department (foreign trade business) summary and planning

Next, the sales department (foreign trade business) made the 2021 annual work summary, at which the sales manager of foreign trade department reported the 2021 annual summary and 2022 work planning. She summarized the overall sales situation of foreign trade work in 2021, formulated the performance target and work plan in 2022, deeply analyzed the specific situation of foreign trade business and customers in 2022, and arranged the specific matters that the relevant departments of the company need to cooperate with foreign trade business in 2022.

Technical Department Summary and Planning

Deputy General Manager Mr. Huang made a summary of work in 2021 on behalf of the technical department of the company. In the past year, the technical department of the company made breakthrough achievements in some technical designs, and also optimized the work flow of the technical department together with colleagues in the technical department, improved the efficiency of automatic product testing, and obtained three invention patents in the field related to electromagnets. In the new year, we hope that all colleagues in the technical department will continue to adhere to the serious and careful work attitude, work efficiently, improve the efficiency of the technical department to the sales department, production department and procurement department, and provide strong technical support for the company in the future development.

Summary and planning of production department, quality inspection department and assembly department

In Landa solenoid, in order to serve customers better and provide them with better quality products, product quality inspection, product production and assembly have strict processes and quality requirements. In this year-end summary meeting, the persons in charge of the company's incoming material quality inspection, finished product quality inspection, production department and assembly department made detailed summaries of the company's work in 2021 from their respective fields and made detailed plans for the work in 2022. To some production problems, Mr. Wu and the leaders of the company made a decision to solve them on the spot. Mr. Wu said that to ensure the timeliness of the company's production work and the timeliness of customer delivery, the cooperation of all departments is needed, and to some problems in production, the person in charge of each department should give feedback and solve them in time to ensure the efficiency of production.

Purchasing, Finance and Administration Department Summary and Planning

If production and sales are in the front, then procurement, finance and administration in Landa is the logistic support of our company. Summing up 2021 and looking forward to 2022, the person in charge of purchasing, finance and administration also made a serious summary of their respective positions and carefully planned the work plan for 2022.

After the work reports of each department, General Manager Wu of Landa made pertinent comments one by one and put forward specific improvement measures for the shortcomings in specific work.

Finally, Mr. Wu summarized the conference. He said that it is very necessary for Landa to take out a little time at the end of each year to summarize and plan for the company, the department and the individual, and this year's conference can be summarized by three key words: summarize the past, look forward to the future and start again. Looking forward to the future, Landa needs to continue to be bigger and stronger in the field which it focus on, to continuously promote Landa's professional solenoid brand image, and to make Landa trustworthy to our customers in the field of electromagnet.

A new year begins again, and all the elephants are renewed. Landa's family, the trumpet of 2022 has been blown. We hope that every Landa person will continue to keep an empty cup mentality, start again from new, take one step at a time, work pragmatically, and realize greater social and personal values in this big family of Landa.

Let's fight again, in 2022, let's forge ahead together and see a more beautiful Landa along the road again! So far, this Landa solenoid 2021 year-end summary 2022 annual planning meeting ended successfully!
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