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Our products are widely used in the area of automation, suitable to fire doors, marking machines, printers, home appliances, communications equipment, electrically door locks, amusement equipment, medical equipment, automibles etc.

We are one of the biggest electromagnets and solenoids manufacturer in China.

Established in 2008, located in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Landa is an enterprise specializing in R&D-ing, producing and selling small electromagnets and solenoids. Presently we have 90 staffs, and covers an area of 5500 square.

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Focus on mini Solenoids/electromagnets

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Focus on mini Solenoids/electromagnets

Solution For Solenoid
Solution For Solenoid
  • Solution For Solenoid
  • Solution For Solenoid
  • Our core competency is the ability to develop custom solenoid solutions for our customers’ unique applications. 
  • Our engineers will work with your company to understand your needs and develop a product that is better than the compromise solution of the day. 
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    Solenoids in Auto

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    Solenoid in Lock

Transmission shifter solenoid

The car transmission shifter solenoid is through the shifter solenoid and shift control solenoid valve together to complete the shift control.

Upshift 1 through the shift control law, to meet the upshift conditions; 2 by comparing the new gear driving resistance and the size of the traction, if the traction is greater than the driving resistance to meet the upshift conditions; (upshift 1 2 at the same time to meet the upshift).

Downshift 1 through the shift control law, to meet the downshift conditions; 2 by comparing the current gear driving resistance and the size of traction, if the traction is less than the driving resistance to meet the downshift conditions (due to the downshift engine speed to increase, so to ensure that the engine does not lead to engine over-speed due to downshift) downshift to meet one of the conditions can be downshifted.

Car light solenoid

Solenoids are more and more widely used in car lights, such as now widely used xenon headlights, LED headlights, laser headlights and other light changing machinery are using solenoids to achieve their functions.

Through the solenoid mechanism to operate the light changing gear, so that the near-light light is also allocated to the far-light illumination up, which is equal to have two far-light light together. Dual light lens is generally used in the top of high-grade cars, can also be modified according to the needs of their own.

Electromagnet on automatic doors

Access to hotels, neighborhoods, office buildings and other high-end places, a card can be swiped into the self-locking, we may have experienced, but how to achieve the function of self-locking this is the function of our production of electromagnets generated.

Access solenoid is commonly known as magnetic lock or electromagnetic lock, its design and electromagnetism, the same principle of using electricity to generate magnetism, when the current through the coil to generate a magnetic field magnetized yoke iron, magnetic lock will produce a strong adsorption force, which adsorbs the iron plate. This is a complete locking process.

Electromagnets on the Smart display cabinet

More and more exhibitors use more technological sense of intelligent display cabinets, through the password or fingerprint and portrait mode unlocking, to achieve high security and high-end display cabinets, and the realization of this function, electromagnet generated by the function can not be replaced.

The use of suction cup electromagnet using magnetic lock is no mechanical wear and tear, to overcome the general mechanical lock and electronic lock defects, long service life. The power supply is 12/24 volt double DC voltage inlet. Can realize intelligent control.

Electromagnet on automatic parts handling

We produce small lifting electromagnets in automated handling has a very use, for our daily production, such as the need to load and unload all kinds of iron objects, etc., the use of our production of small lifting electromagnets as a pick-up device, can greatly reduce the loading and unloading time and personnel labor intensity.

At present, we produce small lifting electromagnets have two specifications products, one for the normal specifications of the type of non-powered lifting electromagnet, that is, the need for electromagnet power when the work will be sucked together; the other for the power loss type lifting electromagnet (also known as demagnetization electromagnet), that is, not add when the object can be sucked together, when the reverse of the material disengaged when energized.

Solenoid in printers

Solenoid in the daily use of office equipment is widely used, to the common printer, for example, printer solenoid is a small electromagnetic clutch is one of the necessary printer small transmission equipment.

In addition to printers, including fax machines, copiers and other office equipment are used to micro electromagnetic clutch. Printer paper transmission (in and out of work) are dependent on the functional characteristics of the electromagnet to complete.

Printer solenoid has the advantages of small shape, compact and simple structure, easy to disassemble and install parts, high transmission efficiency, fast response time, etc.. It is widely used in major brands of printers, laminators, fax machines, etc.

Crane machine solenoid

Nowadays, the crane machine is the “red man” in shopping malls and entertainment places, and the crane machine solenoid is very functional inside it.

The crane solenoid is mainly installed on top of the gripper, using the solenoid principle to achieve the function of clamping objects. It can also be simply said that the strength of the gripper’s closing and spreading is determined by the solenoid installed in its “palm”. The strength of the magnetic field generated by the solenoid depends on the size of the current.

Vacuum cleaner electromagnet

Industrial vacuum cleaner for vacuuming is a related product for factory use, it has more categories, here we introduce the vacuum cleaner for sucking iron chips using suction cup electromagnet.

Industrial vacuum cleaners with high efficiency in dust suction, industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with suction cup electromagnets on the dust suction brush, in use when the electromagnet is energized surface will generate magnetic force, can absorb broken iron, blades, needles, etc., to avoid them into the dust collection bag, power off will automatically disengage simple and convenient.

Shared rechargeable solenoid

Shared rechargeable battery is a good emergency device, but did you know? Its use has a lot to do with the electromagnet.

For the shared charging treasure, the basic use of frame electromagnet type, pull and push type. When choosing a solenoid, how much voltage to use we need to have a clear determination. Choose to use DC or AC power. Electromagnet in use when the proportion of the power-on time and power-off time, what is the working stroke of the cycle? In addition the length of the electromagnet slide bar movement, here it should be noted that the farther the length, the weaker the magnetic force! The demanded push force also needs to have a reasonable speculation, usually we describe the push-pull force refers to the push-pull force when the charging treasure in the initial orientation.

In the shared equipment in, the electromagnet mainly plays a lock class switch role, when sweeping the code to use a signal induction to the electromagnet, the electromagnet work to open the insert lock, charging treasure pop out can be used, when returned, the electromagnet in the power-off state using the charging treasure external force can automatically reset the lock.

Locker solenoid lock

In shopping malls and other places, the locker is visible when we enter, which is convenient for us and also convenient for the places we operate. It is the solenoid that achieves the automatic unlocking function.

A whole set of storage cabinets, working operation is mainly controlled by the relevant internal circuit. Each cabinet door or a variety of boxes are used to control a cashier cabinet solenoid.

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